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Home care and Laundry Shrink Sleeve Labels

Brand : GH Printing

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 to 15 working days lead time after written approval of printing sample.

Supply capacity : 16 Press Printing Machines

Leader of world's most advanced VSOP technology in China.

With 360-degree messaging and high shelf impact, shrink sleeve labels are one of the fastest growing segments in packing industry. It's perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction. A label sleeve is placed over the bottle before it travels through a heat tunnel to shrink the sleeve onto the bottle. It's 100% recycling because they are the same plastic material as the bottle.

GH printing is manufacturing and exporting high quality shrink sleeve labels all over the world. Our 30 years experience of label printing can guarantee you with superior quality raw material and modern VSOP printing machine in adherence with industry norms. 

Our advantages in shrink sleeve labels are:

--   We offer shrink sleeve labels on a wide range of substrates: PETG, OPS and PVC. The shrink sleeve labels can be applied to plastic, glass and metal packaging containers.

--   VSOP technology printing: We're the leading in Chinese printing companies with our advance VSOP modern technology printing machine. Because this machine has no plate costs which can make design change cost effective.

--   A wide range of unique options and combinations. A range of unique options with VSOP and Flexo - Cold Foil, UV metallic silver ink, Matte/Spot gloss for a unique look, multi-pack sleeves and much more available!

Shrink Sleeve Label Manufacturing Process:

--  Size & 3D proofing: Measure and view your label design from all angles prior to printing.

--  Printing & Varnishing: GH printing brought the first Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) press to China providing a new way to print Shrink Sleeve labels.

--  Perforations: Perforations are often used on shrink sleeves that will be applied to bottles with screw off tops to provide tamper resistance. They can also be applied to the side of a sleeve to allow easy removal.

--  Seam & Fold areas: When designing a shrink sleeve, the seam and fold area must be considered. The important message such as bar code or UPC code shall not be on a fold.

--  Shrink sleeve finishing: Shrink sleeve labels can either be individually cut or finished on a roll depending on the application method.


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