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Healthcare RFID Labels

Brand : GH Printing

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 to 15 working days lead time after written approval of printing sample.

Supply capacity : 16 Press Printing Machines

Leader in RFID label industry in China. 

RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. It's an automatic identification method that stores and remotely retrieves data from an RFID inlay. Unlike barcodes where the information must be visible to the scanner, RFID inlays are hidden under the facestock of the label and the information can be encoded multiple times. GH printing has many years of experience of working with companies to provide solutions for many different RFID label applications.

RFID labels are not a one kind fits all items. To have a successful RFID system, a label is needed that will withstand the application demand. Whether your needs are for supplier mandates for the DoD, retail chains or you are seeking a more accurate method of tracking your products, GH printing is committed to providing labels that meet your specific needs. Our  dynamic team helps in the quality process so you have the right result of RFID application.

GH printing advantages in manufacturing RFID labels:

--  RFID labels: Our labels can be ordered blank, pre-printed, or pre-encountered.

--  RFID components: RFID labels are composed of an RFID inlay, antenna, facesheet, adhesive, and liner.

--  RFID Labels & Tag stock: Our inventory of popular sizes allows us to ship labels quickly.

--  Radio Frequency: We manufacture both UHF (915 MHz) and HF (13.56 MHz) labels.

--  Readability: Our labels are 100% verified prior to shipment.

--  Finishing: Rolls, Fan folded (perf & notch), sheeted, or stacked.

RFID Lable Applications:

--  Corrugated cases;

--  Shipping labels;

--  Apparel hang tags;

--  Pallet Placards;

--  Baggage tags;

--  Shipping labels;

--  Asset management;

--  File folder labels;

--  Race timing.

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